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Microsoft names E3 2014 press conference date and time

9th June, 5.30pm UK time.

Microsoft will hold its annual E3 press conference on Monday, 9th June at 5.30pm UK time.

Titled Xbox: Game On, you'll be able to watch the show live online at, via Xbox Live and on Windows Phone, or you can log on to Eurogamer and accompany your viewing with our usual commentary on how lovely the speakers' shirts are and complaints about how loud the dubstep is.

The presentation will be preceded by a half hour pre-show event, also streamed online, while the conference itself is expected to last 90 minutes.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has recently taken to Twitter to discuss Microsoft's plans and said that hardcore gamers will be the show's main focus. "Both new IP and new sequels" will be shown off, and there will be announcements about "some new studios we are working with".

We expect to hear more about the new Halo game for Xbox One, plus Fable Legends and, quite possibly, Forza Horizon 2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, for which Microsoft has another exclusivity deal, will also likely feature.

Microsoft's conference will be the first of E3 week. EA will hold its shindig a few hours later at 8pm UK time, followed by Ubisoft at 11pm here. Sony usually does its thing after that, meaning a late night again for those watching at home.

Nintendo will show its E3 wares the following day, 10th June, via a broadcast set to go begin at 5pm UK time.

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