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MGS Peace Walker uncut in the West

"Necessary" scene cut in Japan - Kojima.

According to Andriasang, Hideo Kojima has tweeted that an "abolutely necessary" scene has been cut from the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in Japan. The Western versions, however, remain uncut.

In an effort to keep a C rating in Japan - for 15-year-olds - Kojima Productions had to cut "a certain scene" from the PSP game: a "standard element" that's "absolutely necessary for MGS".

Although he reassured Japanese gamers that the game plays the same without the scene, Kojima sounded unhappy about the restriction to his freedom of expression.

"There's tolerance for fantasy games, but for games where you show war or real violence between people, you apparently can't complain about anything," he said. "With this, it seems impossible to communicate something through games."

Peace Walker has been passed with a T for Teen rating in the US, and a 15 in the UK. The PSP epic (it's not often we type those words) is out on 29th April in Japan, 8th June in North America and 18th June in Europe.

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