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Metroid Fusion joins Nintendo Switch Online next week

For Expansion Pack subscribers.

Game Boy Advance classic Metroid Fusion will become available on Nintendo Switch next week, on Thursday 9th March.

As with all GBA games, you'll need to be a subscriber of the Nintendo Switch Online service's pricier Expansion Pack tier to be able to play it.

Developed internally by Nintendo, Metroid Fusion is beloved for its classic side-scrolling Metroid gameplay. Upon its launch back in 2007, Eurogamer's editor at the time Tom Bramwell described it as his "favourite 2D Metroid yet".

Metroid Fusion on Game Boy Advance... on Nintendo Switch Online.Watch on YouTube

Fusion's story takes place after most other Metroid games, and well after the Metroid Prime trilogy, leaving it for years as a sort-of conclusion to the franchise.

That changed in 2021 with the release of Metroid Dread, which picked up Samus' story from the end of Fusion onwards.

With the recent release of Metroid Prime 1 Remastered, things are looking up for Metroid fans after a long period in the dark. How's about some news on Metroid Prime 4 next?