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Metro: Last Light Limited Edition includes Ranger Mode difficulty

THQ re-confirms March 2013 release window.

Metro: Last Light Limited Edition.

The Metro : Last Light Limited Edition includes the Ranger Mode difficulty, THQ has announced.

The news comes as THQ confirmed a March 2013 release window for the 4A Games-made shooter.

Ranger Mode is a game type designed to make Metro harder. The Limited Edition also includes the Ranger load-out, which contains bonus military grade bullets to spend on weapon upgrades and equipment. You also get the AKS-74U, a modified Russian rifle.

In Metro 2033 Ranger Mode came in two flavours: easy and hardcore. On easy a few bullets would kill the player and crosshairs were disabled. Ranger Hardcore disabled the HUD completely and the player could be killed by a single bullet.

Initial copies of Last Light will be sold as the Limited Edition. THQ advised pre-ordering.