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Mercury Wii drops Cube pad

Classic controller still an option.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ignition Banbury has had to drop support for the GameCube controller from the forthcoming Wii version of Mercury Meltdown Revolution.

"We've had to drop support for the GameCube controller as it's a very much 'at developers own risk' proposition and we're not masochists!" studio manager Ed Bradley told Eurogamer, in an interview due to be published in the near future.

Originally the game was set to offer control via tilting the Wiimote, but also analogue support through the Wii classic controller and GameCube pad. The Wii classic controller will still be supported.

And there's lots of good news in other areas, with Bradley confirming that the team allocated loads of time to making sure the game offered excellent feedback for its tilt controls - something that's crucially important in a game like Mercury.

Indeed, it all sounds very encouraging. For more on Revolution's development, including Bradley's thoughts on Wii development in general, look out for the full interview soon.

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