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Mercury headed to Wii

Ignition at full tilt.

Having already appeared on PSP and PlayStation 2, excellent puzzle game Mercury Meltdown is on its way to Nintendo Wii next spring.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution, it'll be called, and it will at long last give players the chance to direct the liquid mercury blob around mazes using a tilt sensor - the one built into the Wii controller.

"The mercury series was originally developed with a tilt controller in mind," Ignition's Peter Rollinson points out; "the Wii has made this possible and the outcome provides the player with unprecedented control and accuracy."

It will also support 480p resolution for those of you who managed to get hold of a component cable, along with the Wii classic controller and even the GameCube pad if you prefer to play it that way.

You can see some screenshots elsewhere on the site.

And for more on how ace Mercury Meltdown was on the PSP, be sure to read our review.