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Mercury Wii gets solid date

Out in early June.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution has been confirmed for release on 8th June in Europe.

The Wii port of the PSP and PS2 title has been generating a lot of interest among the console's growing installed base, which makes sense, since it's excellent.

The idea is to move a blob of liquid metal around a maze, dodging through obstacles, dividing into smaller blobs and solving problems of coloured gates and tricky-to-navigate platforms.

It's a bit frustrating from time to time, but the game's brilliant structure, which gives you plenty of levels and objectives to tackle while rewarding persistence and those who play it to perfection, and general solidity ensured that we loved it on the PSP.

You may remember we gave it 9/10 in fact, and you can look forward to a review of the Wii version, which we've been playing recently, in the run-up to its 8th June launch.

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Mercury Meltdown Revolution

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