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MechWarrior 4 to be released free "soon" gets distribution rights.

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Perhaps looking to revive interest in the MechWarrior games ahead of its just-announced reboot, Smith & Tinker is allowing the last game in the PC series to be released for free.

2000's MechWarrior 4 and all its expansions will be bundled and distributed by fan mod community though its site.

The giveaway is billed as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the MekTek community and the 25th anniversary of the BattleTech universe, a science-fiction world of battling big robots that's been realised in board games, role-playing games and novels as well as the MechWarrior series.

"We welcome the opportunity for the MekTek team to officially take a leadership role in the cultivation and development of the on-line MechWarrior 4 communities in support and anticipation of the recently announced MechWarrior game by Smith & Tinker and Piranha games," said MekTek in a statement.

"The free download will be available soon!"

The new MechWarrior is in development for PC and 360, but has no date or publisher as yet.

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