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Mayhem in Monsterland on Wii VC

Plus another SFII and Space Harrier.

Nintendo has updated the Virtual Console with three more games from the wonderlands of yesteryear: Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Space Harrier, and Mayhem in Monsterland.

SSFIISCE is the Megadrive version of Street Fighter II, basically, and costs 800 Wii Points (GBP 6 / EUR 7.70). Whether you'll be up for paying that is another matter, however, since beat-'em-up loving retro-heads have surely already bought Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo or Super Street Fighter II from the SNES pages already.

Other options are Space Harrier (Master System, 500 Points, GBP 3.50 / EUR 4.50), which is probably rubbish. Space Harrier II came out almost two years ago in its Megadrive incarnation, which is also worth bearing in mind.

Finally, there's Mayhem in Monsterland (C64, 500 Points, GBP 3.50 / EUR 4.50). We said the words "Mayhem in Monsterland" to Kristan and he started rambling on about it being mail order only, "a phenomenal achievement", and all sorts of other cack. VC guru Dan Whitehead says it had lots of cool ideas, including playing each level twice - once to make it happy, and then to collect stars. We like the sound of that.

Find out if our ears deceive us, and our thoughts on the others and whatever came out last week, when we round up the latest WiiWare and Virtual Console releases early next week.