Mayhem in Monsterland

Mayhem in Monsterland on Wii VC

Plus another SFII and Space Harrier.

Nintendo has updated the Virtual Console with three more games from the wonderlands of yesteryear: Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Space Harrier, and Mayhem in Monsterland.

Mayhem in Monsterland

Mayhem in Monsterland

The C64's fond farewell.

Without doubt the C64's finest technical achievement in its long and glorious history, this jolly platform romp (from the stupendously talented Rowland brothers of Creatures 1 and 2 fame) boggled the mind with some of the tricks it pulled off on the ageing hardware.

Released by mail order only at the tail end of 1993 (and heavily plugged by Commodore Format during its dying days) the game effectively drew a line under the drawn-out latter days of the C64.

And what a way to go out - with a 100 per cent CF review score somewhat pointlessly dished out as a thank you for generally living up to expectations. The Rowland brothers even managed to do pretty well out of it, raking in far more profit from its DIY approach than from its previous hits, despite probably only selling a few thousand to the dogged die-hard followers out there (like, er, me).

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