Space Harrier

Space Harrier retrospective

You're doing great!

In the 1980s games were not everywhere. It is almost impossible to explain arcades, in the world of App Stores and Steam, without knowing that. Arcades were not only beyond home consoles, but they were bright smoky heavens - the places with the biggest, best and loudest games. Even in this jungle, some beasts were alphas. The special ones. The premium Space Harrier cabinet was a cockpit, complete with flightstick and surround sound. This thing was massive and it moved . A lanky kid would get in and puts 20p in the slot. "Welcome to the Fantasy Zone!" The speakers behind your head kicked in. "Get Ready!"

Mayhem in Monsterland on Wii VC

Plus another SFII and Space Harrier.

Nintendo has updated the Virtual Console with three more games from the wonderlands of yesteryear: Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Space Harrier, and Mayhem in Monsterland.