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Maxis calls for discussion on SimCity mods

"It's difficult to determine what makes a 'good' or safe mod and what mods cross the line."

Maxis has asked SimCity players to help it create guidelines that will govern mods.

Players have called for the ability to mod the game since launch, and now Maxis has created the first draft of user generated content guidelines to kick off the discussion.

The first draft:

  • Acceptable UGC and mods do not jeopardize the integrity of the gameplay or harm the experience of others.
  • UGC that effects the simulation for multiplay games and features are not allowed.
  • Examples of acceptable UGC include swapping art assets, like buildings and vehicles.
  • Maxis reserves the right to take disciplinary action against players who break the rules.

"Our goal is to ensure that we provide a place for all of our players to have fun while assuring them that the gameplay experience is safe and has integrity," the developer explained.

"It's difficult to determine what makes a 'good' or safe mod and what mods cross the line. Clarifying guidelines for UGC will help players understand where that line is and protect both our UGC and non-UGC community. Ultimately we want everyone to have fun with the game, no matter how you play it."

The discussion, Maxis hopes, will result in a final set of guidelines about UGC in SimCity.

In a thread on its forum it asked players for feedback, which will be gathered over the new few weeks before being incorporated into the final version of the guidelines. There's no timeframe for when mods will be added to SimCity.