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Mass Effect Andromeda has a mobile companion app

Here's what it does.

Just like Mass Effect 3, Andromeda has a mobile companion app so you can keep track of your progress in the game's online modes.

That means the game's standard multiplayer mode - the enjoyable four-player co-operative offering which again returns from ME3 - as well as the Strike Team missions in your single-player campaign.

Strike Team missions are an evolution of the War Table from Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can complete them in the same way and collect rewards, or collect additional prizes by undertaking the missions yourself in multiplayer if you so choose.

The Mass Effect APEX HQ app charts all of these things, and you can also deploy missions while on the go.

Here's how the app looks.

If you're in Canada, Ireland, Romania or Singapore you can download the app now, or it launches worldwide on 20th March for either iPhone/iPad or Android.

In other Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer news, it looks like you'll get some bonus rewards if you are playing the current EA/Origin Access trial - as well as extra packs if you played Mass Effect 3 or Dragon Age: Inquisition:

BioWare detailed Andromeda's five multiplayer maps available at launch in a snazzy trailer earlier this week.

We've been playing Mass Effect Andromeda's first five hours - the ones you can test in the game's EA/Origin Access trial right now. Or, while you wait for the full game, you can catch up on Mass Effect's story so far.