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Mass Effect: Andromeda early gameplay footage leaks

Krogans! Jetpacks! Explosive barrels!

Early footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda has appeared online.

The brief snippets of gameplay are taken from a build of the game which dates back to 2014, All Games Delta reported. The footage popped up online as part of a BioWare artist's showreel.

Despite the age of the footage, it illustrates several concepts we know will be present in the upcoming sci-fi sequel - such as open world traversal on foot, aided by a jetpack.

There's a shot of the jetpack in action, a scene showing a standoff between a human and a krogan, and a brief animation where a meteorite is shown exploding into a planet's surface.

Visually, the final game - due spring 2017 - is expected to be of a far higher fidelity.

Fans have pointed to how the gameplay's HUD matches that shown off in an image of the game released by BioWare around the same time. There's no way of knowing how this will have changed in the time since.

Mass Effect details are slowly starting to gather pace - last week, a marketing survey for the game also appeared online. BioWare is expected to reveal much more of the game at E3 in June.