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Mass Effect Andromeda concept art shows early, abandoned alien designs

Kett you believe it?

Mass Effect Andromeda had a mammoth five-year development, so it's no surprise that over time various visual designs changed.

A new gallery of concept art shared by Kotaku shows off some of those different concepts in full, including early ideas for the game's new kett and angara races, plus different takes on your squadmates.

The following art was created by BioWare Montreal senior concept artist Ben Lo. First, what looks like an early kett design. The head is split, with more avian features. The body also lacks any cumbersome armour - added later in development as BioWare feared it would be weird for players talking to aliens without clothes on.

Next up, what looks to be a concept for the angara, riding a four-eyed mount which does not appear in the final game.

Human squadmate Cora went through numerous designs, and for a while was intended to be a brunette:

Finally, from senior concept artist Brian Sum, are a number of concepts for the Andromeda Initiative's central Nexus spacestation. The eventual design is the first shown here - the simplest of the lot. It allows the spacestation's second arm to slowly and clearly grow in completion over the course of the game.

There's plenty more over on Kotaku.

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