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Mass Effect 4 concept footage reveals Mako vehicle

BioWare teases new land-based buggy and your hero's armour.

BioWare took to the San Diego Comic-Con stage over the weekend to talk about its upcoming Mass Effect game and show a first glimpse at its vehicle exploration.

The land-based Mako buggy is set to make a triumphant return to the series, having last been playable in Mass Effect 1.

The new model is faster but does not seem to feature any weaponry - perhaps suggesting that you'll need to get out on foot in order to fight.

BioWare also showed work-in-progress armour designs for both male and female variants of the next hero.

The suits suggest that the series will once again see a human in the starring role - BioWare didn't rule out playable non-humans in the panel, simply stating that the matter had not yet been decided upon.

Indeed most of the game's main details remain unannounced - its title and release date for example, when it will be set within the series' canon and where you'll be able to explore.

Twitter reports from con-goers suggest that BioWare's other statements on the game were fairly vague - it was suggested that co-operative multiplayer would return, that the game may be set during Shepard's later life-span (so not too much further into the future) and that a few familiar faces "may" return.

Skip to 1:10 in The Escapist's video below to see test footage of the new Mako in action.

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