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Marvel's Avengers Fortnite collaboration: How to unlock the Hulk Smashers pickaxe in Fortnite

How to get the Fortnite colloboration by playing the Marvel's Avengers beta.

Marvel's Avengers has a Fortnite collaboration for participating in the beta.

Doing so unlocks the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe in Fortnite - but only if you complete certain challenges.

Note this offer is only available on certain platforms, and the beta is only available for a certain amount of time.

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The Marvel's Avengers Fortnite collaboration explained

By playing the Marvel's Avengers beta, you can unlock the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe in Fortnite by doing the following:

  • Playing on the PS4 or Xbox One version of the Marvel's Avengers beta (the offer is unavailable for PC beta players)
  • Unlocking and completing the three HARM challenge rooms in the beta
  • Having your Epic Games account linked to your PSN or Xbox Live account

Provided you do the above, the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe in Fortnite is yours.

What else you need to know about the Hulk Smashers pickaxe in Fortnite

When you unlock the Hulk Smashers pickaxe, you'll also get a bonus Hulkbuster style as a bonus.

The other thing worth knowing is, this pickaxe isn't exclusive to the Marvel's Avengers beta, with Epic explaining it will be available from the Item Shop at a later time.

Watch on YouTube

This is useful for those without access to a PS4 or Xbox One during the beta access period.

That said, though not confirmed, as with previous platform-specific bonuses it's very likely you can unlock the Hulk Smashers on console and then use the Pickaxe on other platforms thanks to Fortnite's crossplatform support.

Either way, the good news is the Hulk Smashers aren't exclusive to the beta, so you'll be able to access them at some point!

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