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Marvel Snap's upcoming PvP Battle Mode is "a totally new way to play" against friends

"We think Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends."

A new player versus player (PvP) mode is coming to Marvel Snap that enables you to play against friends.

The competitive mode - entitled Battle Mode - is, according to developer Second Dinner's recently publicised roadmap, already in development.

"We know you've been asking how you can play against friends and this is how!" exclaims the team on a blog update about the game's development roadmap.

A look at some of the game and cards in action.

"Battle Mode is a totally new way to play Marvel Snap. In Battle Mode, each player starts with 10 health and the winning player deals damage to their opponent equal to the stakes of the game. If you doubled down and SNAPPED, you'll do 4 damage to your opponent instead of 2 – or retreat early and only lose 1 health! Players will play a series of games against each other with the same deck until one player has no health left.

"We think Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends, or run community tournaments, because it provides a clear winner while still incorporating the SNAP mechanic," the update concludes. "We can't wait to see the community play in Battle Mode!"

According to The Washington Post, the mode is expected to release "this calendar year", of which there's only a few weeks left, of course.

As for what else is coming up? An unranked mode, collector tokens, PC widescreen UI, and titles are all expected to come reasonably soon, whilst the team is still "in concept" on things like other competitive modes, guilds and social systems, in-game events, infinity rank leaderboard, collectible emotes and card emojis, and mythic variants.

"We have to thank our incredible beta community that has played and provided invaluable feedback over the past few months," the team said. "We're here to make a game that people will love for years to come and you’ve really helped us build our foundations. We can't wait to continue this journey together – launch is just the beginning!"

Wes and Chris have been playing Marvel Snap over the last week or so, and thought it would be good to get together and have a chat about what makes it special - and what tempted them both back for another collectible card game...

"Marvel Snap is packed with glorious little touches like that, which bring the Marvel part of the game to life," Wes said. "The developers have made each card play like its character should. Carnage, for example, destroys your other cards and gains power. Nightcrawler can move to another location, as if teleporting. Colossus can't be destroyed, moved or have his power reduced. As you play him, you imagine him planting his feet deep into the ground, immovable and determined.

"Ahhh! I have so much to say about this brilliant little game! What stands out to you?"

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