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How to use Marvel Snap Battle Mode to play with friends

Come on, grab your friends.

Marvel Snap now has a Battle Mode that allows you to play against friends.

Before it was added, Marvel Snap players were only able to face off against each other via random matchmaking.

Here's how to play against friends using the Battle Mode in Marvel Snap, including tips on creating and joining Friendly Battles.

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How to unlock Battle Mode in Marvel Snap

To unlock Battle Mode in Marvel Snap you will need to complete the 'Stakes' tutorial. Once you have done so, and reached level 10, you will gain access to Battle Mode. You'll find it in the Game Modes tab in the bottom-right of the main menu screen.

How to play against friends in Marvel Snap

To play against friends in Marvel Snap you will need to either create or join a Friendly Battle. Open Battle Mode from the main menu and then select 'Friendly Battle'. If you want to host a match, choose 'Create'. This will give you a code, which the other player can use to join the game. If you'd like to join a game, have your opponent generate the code and then use it to jump in. Note that Friendly Battles have different rules to the standard mode. Here's what's different:

  • Each player starts with 10 health
  • Defeat your opponent by dealing 10 damage over a series of rounds
  • Winning a round deals damage to the opposing player equal to the cube value
  • At Round 5 and on, the cube starts snapped. Only one player needs to Snap to reach the full 8 cubes.

Something else to note is that Battle Mode does not offer booster or rank rewards. So it's mostly bragging rights on the line!

How to fix "Friendly Battle locked" error in Marvel Snap

Some players have reported an error in Marvel Snap that locks Friendly Battle. Generally, updating your game will fix it, as will closing the app and reloading. If the problem persists, you may need to link your email to your account. To do this, open the app and click the Settings icon in the top-left. Scroll down to 'Link Account' and make sure everything is connected properly.

Have fun playing against your friends in Marvel Snap!

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