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Marshall Law is more Bruce Lee than ever in Tekken 8

Boards don't hit back.

Tekken 8
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Tekken veteran Marshall Law has always been a pretty on the nose copy of legendary martial arts movie star Bruce Lee, but his incarnation in the upcoming Tekken 8 ramps the familiarity up another notch.

Bandai Namco released a gameplay video showing off Marshall Law in Tekken 8, below, and it includes all the Bruce Lee mannerisms you'd expect: the 'come and get some' hand signal, the high-pitched noises, the nose flick and the finger point.

Cover image for YouTube videoTEKKEN 8 — Marshall Law Gameplay Trailer

In the trailer we see Law use nunchucks as Lee famously did in his iconic Hollywood hit Enter the Dragon. He also flexes his muscles as Lee did in his movies. He even copies Lee's facial expressions.

But the standout here is Marshall Law's Rage Art, which is a direct copy of Bruce Lee's famous stomp in Enter the Dragon.

Here's the stomp from Enter the Dragon, as a reminder:

Cover image for YouTube videoEnter the Dragon (ultimate stomp)

And here's a useful comparison, from YouTube channel Mitsuownes:

Cover image for YouTube videoBruce Lee Stomp vs Tekken 8 Marshall Law Stomp Rage Art Comparison!

Tekken has never shied away from Law's similarity to Bruce Lee. Indeed, he's not the only Tekken character to copy a real-life martial arts superstar - Lei Wulong is Jackie Chan in all but name. But like Bruce Lee on Bob Wall's chest, with Tekken 8 Bandai Namco is doubling down.