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Mario Rabbids is getting a versus mode tomorrow, for free

Watch us play it.

Mario Rabbids will be updated with a new competitive multiplayer mode as of tomorrow, allowing two players to go head-to-head locally. Best of all, it's free.

Versus Mode plays a little differently to the core game, with players being limited to just a handful of actions per turn, helping prevent one player from immediately dominating the game with an entire squad's worth of dashing, techniques and weapon shots. However, scattered around the map you'll also find boxes containing tickets that can be used to unlock additional actions - the player that control these boxes, controls the game.

Unlike Mario Rabbids' co-op multiplayer you'll also need to select from a variety of loadouts when putting together your squad, rather than carrying over the weapons and abilities you've unlocked in your singleplayer campaign. I was really happy to see this change in place, as I felt the co-op challenges were inevitably undermined in the end, as you steamroll through them with high-level characters.

Anyway, Johnny and I went hands-on with the new mode this week and you can see how we got on in the video below.

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