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Mario + Rabbids' big Donkey Kong expansion arrives at the end of June

And season pass owners get it a little earlier.

Ubisoft has offered another look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's Donkey Kong story expansion, ahead of its release on Switch - which we now know to be on June 26th.

Those who watched Ubisoft's E3 showcase saw the new footage unfold with musical accompaniment from a live band, as directed by the game's composer Grant Kirkhope. Sadly you don't get that additional treat in the trailer below, but you'll still get a good look at the expansion's entirely new world - which is absolutely gorgeous.

Ubisoft has already done a deep-dive into Donkey Kong's new abilities, and some of the new features the expansion brings to Mario + Rabbids' splendid turn-based strategy action, so there's ample reading while you wait for release day.

And if you happen to have purchased the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle season pass, you'll get access to the Donkey Kong expansion on a day earlier on June 25th.

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