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Mario Kart 8 to receive the iconic B Dasher in DLC

Here's some video of it in action.

Mario Kart DS introduced an extremely swift hot rod called the B Dasher into the series, which was suspiciously absent in Mario Kart 8. Well worry no more as Nintendo confirmed via a Miiverse post that the B Dasher will be included in the Wii U racer's first batch of DLC.

This add-on is due this November and will include three characters (Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link), four vehicles (F-Zero's Blue Falcon, B Dasher and two unannounced carts), and eight tracks (Wario's Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii and an F-Zero course). It will cost £7 on its own, or £11 as a bundle with the second DLC expansion due next May.

To see the B Dasher in action, Nintendo Japan just released the following footage of the the cart that kind of looks like Birdo's snout tearing up the highway.

Cover image for YouTube videoマリオカート8 追加コンテンツ第1弾に「Bダッシュ」登場