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Mario has an official Hot Wheels range

Test your Mattel.

Who needs Halo's Warthog? Now you can drive - well, push - around anthropomorphised Mario Hot Wheels cars.

Vehicles themed around Mario, Bowser, Peach, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi are now rolling out - at least in the US. We're checking on availability here in the UK.

Each car features an element of the character's headwear or shell. It's sort of like each has been formed and then squashed down from a metal version of the character.

Mario's no stranger to the racetrack, of course, although usually he's driving the cars. This time around he seems to be the car, with his nose and moustache as the bonnet?

The range follows a nostalgia-fuelled selection of other Hot Wheels cars and vans with Nintendo decals:

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