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Make your own short film

With new Stranglehold compo.

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Midway wants you lot to create your own short films so it can give you lovely prizes and possibly replace John Woo because he is a bit expensive.

We are helping too, so it is suddenly magnificent and unmissable. All you have to do is get creative over at massive-d and knock-up your short film by choosing audio and visual clips from hundreds of films - dotting it with lines of text if you so wish.

Each week a new competition will get under way for someone to be awarded a limited edition Stranglehold console, while runners-up will get signed copies of the game. Eventually an overall winner will be named and be jetted off to Hong Kong, where John Woo made a name for himself and created Hard Boiled, the film responsible for Stranglehold.

The event runs until mid-January and begins right now. Off you go.

Oh, Stranglehold is a great game too, if a little short. Pop over to our review to find out more

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