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Lumines: Electronic Symphony dev wants your help getting DLC

Rallies fan support to add original Lumines' song Shinin'.

Q Entertainment would love to bolster its Vita exclusive Lumines: Electronic Symphony's soundtrack with the song Shinin' from the original Lumines, but it needs to first gather support from its fans to convince publisher Ubisoft that this is a good idea.

The game's official Facebook page read, "Who wants some DLC? To be clear: This is not something that's planned at the moment, but if enough people say 'yeah!', maybe Electronic Symphony's publisher, Ubisoft, will greenlight a high-def Vitafied recreation of 'Shinin''? Dare to dream."

The post in question currently has 229 "likes" and 201 comments in support of this idea. There's no telling how many signatures Q Entertainment would need to get the project greenlit or how much the DLC would cost if it ever comes to fruition, but it's nice to see the eccentric Japanese studio reaching out to its fans.

We've reached out to Q Entertainment for comment on this and will update as we hear back.

To hear the song in question, check out the clip below.

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