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"Loads of plans" for LittleBigPlanet DLC

Media Molecule keen to meet demand.

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Developer Media Molecule has "a rather scarily long list of great ideas for ways to support the community" after LittleBigPlanet launches - but is waiting to see what people want first.

"We've got loads of plans, we're going to support it massively," studio founder Alex Evans told Eurogamer. "Content packs, new objects, new game modes... All of this stuff could be done. What we're basically waiting to see is what the demand is for.

"We can do all of that stuff - we will do all of that stuff - but what order we do it in, and how much weight we throw behind any of the different ideas that different people have got, is totally down to what the community does," he continued.

"That really excites me, because if people are loving the costumes, we can crank them out. If people are loving the levels and master classes... We've got a slightly scarily long list of great ideas for ways to support the community, and it's just a matter of prioritising at this stage."

As to what users will be paying for that content - if anything - Media Molecule hasn't made up its mind yet, but there'll definitely be some freebies in the mix.

"All options are open," Evans informed us. "I can definitely say that there will be content that's available to people free of charge - I'm just not saying exactly what that content is going to be right now.

"I can also say that if there's any way we can reward the community, we'll go there. If people are clamouring for big chunks of content, it would make total sense for us to do it. We're just exploring all options at this point. Sequels? Why not! DLC? Yeah, why not! Paid-for content? Why not!"

Look out for our full interview with Alex Evans soon.

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