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Live speedrun attempt interrupted by fake Windows 10 update

Would you kindly update your computer?

A speedrun of 2007 game BioShock was seemingly interrupted by a Windows 10 update during this year's Games Done Quick charity event.

Speedrunner Blood_Thunder stumbled into the now infamous blue screen update as he approached a terminal in the game at around the 33 minute mark, to the surprise of audiences watching in the room and online.

The installation was later revealed, however, to be a prank, with the cutscene edited to look like an unexpected update was taking place, before the run continued on as normal, finishing with a time of 51:54. Well played!

There was, however, a genuine stoppage at the event earlier this week, where a New Super Mario Bros 2 attempt was temporarily suspended when the Nintendo DS it was played on ran out of battery power - but didn't stop runner Eevee Spirit achieving an impressive time of 31:53.

Taking place this week, Games Done Quick is a series of video game speedruns and marathons for charity, taking place every January and July. Upcoming highlights are set to include a Tetris: The Grand Master section and back-to-back runs of every Elder Scrolls game on Thursday, as well as Kirby, Mario and Mega Man X attempts on Friday, before the event concludes on Saturday, July 9.

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