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Little Nightmares 1 is making its way to iOS and Android this "winter"

Once Maw, with feeling.

Little Nightmares - the original instalment in Tarsier Studio's gleefully sinister horror platform series - is getting a mobile release, and will launch for iOS and Android sometime this "winter".

The original Little Nightmares debuted for PC and consoles back in 2017, telling the deliciously unsettling tale of yellow-raincoated moppet Six, as she attempted to escape The Maw - a strange underwater vessel inhabited by a multitude of bizarre residents.

The adventure was warmly received on release, with Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell calling it a "masterpiece of meat and malice" in his Recommended review.

Little Nightmares - Coming to Android and iOS.

"It's a rebuke to the sentimentality with which childhood is regarded in many other games," Edwin wrote of its horrors, "a reminder that if to be young is to have the world at your feet, it's also to inhabit a realm of giants."

Little Nightmare was followed by a strong sequel in 2021, but mobile users also got a chance to familiarise themselves with the series' ghoulish world - and Six's past in a mysterious mansion known as The Nest - in an isometric prequel released in 2019.

There's not much more to report on the first Little Nightmares' iOS and Android release just yet, with details beyond that "winter" launch remaining pretty thin. You can, however, catch a glimpse of its mobile action in the new trailer accompanying today's announcement.

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