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Lionhead's best is yet to come - Molyneux

No excuses.

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Peter Molyneux has admitted to that he feels there are "no excuses" for Lionhead not to make a "great game" any more, and that while they've come close in the past, they've never quite managed it - yet.

Speaking candidly on Lionhead's tenth birthday, alongside co-founders Mark Webley and Tim Rance, he also spoke of some of the issues with the company's landmark titles to date, Black & White and Fable.

"I still think that Black & White had a huge amount of flaws in it, I still think that Fable had a huge amount of flaws in it. And there are excuses for that. There's time, there's pressure, the small group, there's being distracted..."

But he's confident that now, with the backing of owner Microsoft, "the best is definitely yet to come," and that "the next projects that we do are a true measure of our ability, our ambition, our passion."

In the two-part interview, the team also talk about the company's beginnings, how the stock market crash cost them millions, and where the future of the games industry lies.

Part one is published today, with part two to follow next week.

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