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Lineage II gets new update

New stuff and story in April.

Lineage II has only gone and expanded again, this time introducing The Chaotic Throne - Interlude, the beginning of a whole new storyline for players to experience sometime in April.

The current chapter, The Chaotic Chronicles, will be dramatically knitted-off - presumably resulting in some tremendous climax that will spread emotional turmoil throughout the land. So, to cheer you up, this free update has fantasy bucket-loads of new goodies to wallow in.

There's the new zone, the Primeval Isle. Dinosaurs be 'ere, and only top-level sunlight-shunning players will survive attacks from these historical beasts.

Joining this is a new duelling system that lets you fight your friends anywhere (previously restricted to arenas) without receiving any penalties, and for the first time ever you'll be able to see each others' hit points. Outrageous.

You'll also be able to augment the powers of your weapons at Blacksmiths to increase bonuses to your abilities, battle values, and skills. NC Soft is also including new shadow weapons in an effort to include less advanced players in the fun. These will look and behave like the real thing, but will be much cheaper, and will eventually wear out and disappear.

There is of course the usual onslaught of new quests and new skills to spice up your Lineage II pie, as well as 150,000 sparkly new items to be discovered.

If you've no idea what we're waffling on about, Lineage II is an MMORPG that was launched way back in 2003, and more than 14 million customers have enjoyed the experience to date, though most of which are in the eastern reaches of the world.

Quest over to the game's website for more information.