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Lightning, Snow and Sazh FF 13-2 DLC episodes teased

Character specific volumes to extend story.

Square Enix has teased character specific Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC episodes.

These will release following the launch of the game, director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase said in an interview printed in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania guide books (spotted by Andriasang).

They refer to XIII-2 as the game's "Noel and Serah Volume." We can also expect a Lightning Volume, a Snow Volume, a Sazh Volume, and more.

What form these episodes take remains unannounced.

The role-playing game launches in the UK on Friday. Square Enix has already announced the first batch of DLC, which goes live on 7th February on Xbox Live Arcade and the day after on PlayStation Network.

It has also confirmed plans to release additional story episodes for some of the game's key characters, though wouldn't offer additional detail on exactly what to expect. Could the character specific volumes referred to above apply?

One of the game's endings offers up a 'To be continued...' tease. Is Square planning a downloadable epilogue? Or is Final Fantasy 13-3 on the way?

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