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Let's Play Splinter Cell Blacklist

See how the systems work and watch us lob a dog through a window.

Among the many charms of Splinter Cell Blacklist - due out this Friday on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U - are a range of side missions that you can play solo, split-screen or online that really showcase the game at its best. The campaign tends to ram the story in your face every 10 seconds, but in these entertaining diversions you're generally left to get on with things, glorying in the systems and scheming your way to victory.

The one I'm playing through in the video below is one of the first, given to you by Sam's old comms buddy Grimm. It takes you to a fort in the sea just off the English coast, where you have to hack some communication equipment without being spotted. You can kill indiscriminately; just don't get identified in the process. Reckon I can do it? Regular readers/viewers may consider my recent Spelunky prowess and proceed with doubt in mind.

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So there you go! Check out my Splinter Cell Blacklist review for a better overall picture of the game, which mixes a mostly enjoyable campaign with multiplayer that revives the long forgotten Spies vs Mercs asymmetrical sneaking and shooting game to excellent effect. We'll be live-streaming that soon, so watch this space.

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