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Let's try and explain everything in Pokémon Go's enormous Christmas event

With bells on.

Pokémon Go is getting a Christmas event - and it's a big one.

From Christmas Eve until New Year's Day, the game will transform with new costumed creatures, winter spawns, raids, egg hatches, avatar items, field research and Shadow Pokémon. Phew!

Hello I'm that kid from Wind Waker.

For those looking to fill their Pokédex in a little more, the polar bear-like Cubchoo will be released into the wild, while the snowflake-like Cryogonal will spawn from Glacial lures.

As you'd expect, Ice Pokémon like Sneasel and Snorunt will appear more often in the wild. Snover will be available Shiny for the first time. And you'll get another chance to find Pokémon's Santa penguin creature Delibird, which isn't available the rest of the year.

New costumed versions of Pichu (from 7km eggs), Pikachu (from research tasks), and Raichu (from raids) wearing beanies will be available. As will a costumed version of the reindeer-like Stantler wearing bells (from 7km eggs and raids) which can be Shiny.

New Shadow Pokémon will be available from Team Rocket battles (including Shadow Delibird), and new winter-themed avatar items will be in the shop. Yes, I will absolutely be buying a Stantler Christmas jumper.

Still with us? Onto the event's bonuses.

Throughout the event, you'll get a free incubator every single day when spinning a PokéStop.

Listen up, snowflakes.

You will also be able to open double the number of daily gifts from friends (up to 40) and hold twice as many to send (up to 20).

December 24th and 25th will feature double catch and transfer candy, 26th and 27th will offer double catch Stardust, 28th and 29th will have double catch XP and December 30th until midnight on 1st January will offer half egg hatch distance.

Still with us? A mini-event within an event will take place on Saturday 28th December between 11am and 7pm local time which will offer two additional raid passes free.

Regice will appear in legendary raids, while glacial lure duration will be boosted to two hours. Evolve and Eevee into Glaceon using one and you'll get its Community Day move, Last Resort.


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