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Lego dramatically expands Super Mario range, now costs £500+ at launch

Six golden coins...

Lego has today revealed a further seven new sets in its interactive Super Mario range, which has now ballooned to costing more than £500 at launch.

Back in April, Lego announced its partnership with Nintendo and showed its Mario Starter Course, which you'll need in order to play with the range's interactive elements. We also got a look at two expansion sets: Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set.

A fourth set, the Monty Mole and Super Mushroom Expansion Set, was later revealed as a free gift when purchasing via Lego's own website.

In May, four additional smaller sets were detailed - essentially costume DLC for your Lego Super Mario unit, each of which gives him power-up abilities.

Which brings us to today, and woah, a whole lot more. Lego has detailed a further eight expansion sets ranging in price from £18 to £75 each, plus a set of 10 character packs priced £3.50/$5 each which will be shipped in blind bags. Yep.

I wouldn't call myself an AFOL, but I keep an eye on Lego launches and can't remember the last time a new range debuted with this many sets. Not counting the Monty Mole freebie, the whole lot will come with a serious price tag if you want it all.

Starter set:

  • Adventures with Mario Starter Course (£50)


  • Thwomp Drop Expansion Set (£35)
  • Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set (£25)
  • Whomp's Lava Trouble Expansion Set (£18)
  • Desert Pokey Expansion Set (£18)
  • Guarded Fortress Expansion Set (£45)
  • Mario's House & Yoshi Expansion Set (£25)
  • Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set (£25)
  • Toad's Treasure Hunt Expansion Set (£75)
  • King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion Set (£45)
  • Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set (£89)


  • Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack (£9)
  • Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (£9)
  • Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (£9)
  • Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (£9)

Character Packs:

  • Paragoomba, Fuzzy, Spiny, Buzzy Beetle, Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Eep Cheep, Blooper, Urchin and Peepa (10 blind bags, £3.50 each)

That's more than £520 altogether - if you get all of the blind character packs you want first time, which is unlikely. Buying specific characters from eBay will likely cost you more.

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