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LBP 1.01 patch doesn't update song

Tapha Niang unchanged, jetpack tweaked.

Sony has patched LittleBigPlanet to version 1.01, but this isn't the patch that removes controversial lyrics from Tourmani Diabaté's song "Tapha Niang".

Eurogamer downloaded the patch this morning, but the controversial lyrics identified since the game's worldwide recall last Friday can still be heard.

So what does the patch do? We're waiting to hear back from Sony for the official line, but posters on the PlayStation.com forum noticed that the jetpack can now be turned off with the circle button. Previously you had to shake the Sixaxis or DualShock3.

(UPDATE: We've since been told by a source close to the developer that this patch concerns certain online functions and adds more costumes, and that the music will be patched in a second update at a later date. So that's that.)

(UPDATE #2: It's all over. Patch 1.02 arrived hot on the other one's heels and now all is well.)

By the time the game comes out, these updates - including the revised song - will be on the disc in the box, so all of this pre-release patchery will be irrelevant.

For more on the LittleBigPlanet recall fiasco, check out our LittleBigPlanet gamepage, which is also host to our review. Dramas aside, it's an amazing game.