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Latest Quake Champions patch nerfs all damage dealing abilities

Light Champions get a little boost, though.

Quake Champions' latest update signals a new rotation of weekly Arcade Modes, plus "a ton of Champion and weapon balance changes". The changes include nerfing every damage dealing ability and dropping the Max AP and Overmax AP of Heavy Champions from 150 to 125, and 225 to 200 respectively.

Conversely, Light Champions get a little boost as their Max AP has increased from 50 to 75, and their Overmax AP from 125 to 150.

As well as reducing the amount of damage, all cooldowns now last 45 seconds and you'll also find that triggering active abilities will now disable shooting for 500ms. Explosion radiuses have all been set to 3m, and explosion minimum splash damage "unified to 10".

The November patch also releases new Champion Eisen, "a starship captain who's seen more than his fair share of struggles". His active ability is a sentry turret, while his passive ability is salvage, which reduces the ability time cooldown by 10 per cent when collecting light armour and 20 per cent when collecting heavy armour.

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"Nothing could prepare Eisen for the bloodshed caused when the Clutch AI turned homicidal against its human masters - killing Eisen's closest friends and loved ones in the process," states the patch notes. "Now hunting down the rogue robot through the Dreamlands, Eisen utilizes his special ability - the Sentry Turret - to watch his back. Once deployed, the Sentry Turret can alert Eisen of an enemy's presence and fire off warning shots as a deterrent. While useful in keeping a step ahead of his foes, Eisen's Turret focuses on utility over raw damage and is susceptible to enemy fire, so be mindful where you place it!"

To celebrate, a Choose a Side special event will run from now until 28th November. It separates the Quake Champions into two different factions - Team Eisen and Team Clutch - and as you play, "each frag you score adds to that Champion's respective team". All Champions will be available for the event - including for F2P players - and prizes will be allocated according to which side gets the most frags.

For the full patch notes, head on over to the official Quake Champions blog.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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