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Latest Quake Champions patch nerfs all damage dealing abilities

Latest Quake Champions patch nerfs all damage dealing abilities

Light Champions get a little boost, though.

Quake Champions' latest update signals a new rotation of weekly Arcade Modes, plus "a ton of Champion and weapon balance changes". The changes include nerfing every damage dealing ability and dropping the Max AP and Overmax AP of Heavy Champions from 150 to 125, and 225 to 200 respectively.

Conversely, Light Champions get a little boost as their Max AP has increased from 50 to 75, and their Overmax AP from 125 to 150.

As well as reducing the amount of damage, all cooldowns now last 45 seconds and you'll also find that triggering active abilities will now disable shooting for 500ms. Explosion radiuses have all been set to 3m, and explosion minimum splash damage "unified to 10".

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Yesterday evening I shot a railgun bolt through three players at once in Quake Champions instagib and I can't begin to tell you how satisfying it was - especially when Quake's iconic announcer said how impressive I was for doing it.

Quake Champions leaves closed beta and enters Early Access on Steam and the Bethesda.net launcher on Tuesday 22nd August - and when it does you can play as the guy you play as in Doom.

Quake Champions is the second shooter this month to promise me a new fling with an old flame. Two weeks ago, Strafe landed in my Steam account like a fresh pile of gibs, promising to take me back to 1996 so we could make sweet death together, the old-fashioned way. This time though, there would be random generation and permadeath involved. Well, everyone's got a kink, I thought.

Watch two minutes of uninterrupted Quake Champions gameplay

Up until now all we'd seen of id Software's PC-exclusive competitive FPS Quake Champions was a brief trailer crammed full of split-second slices of gameplay, but now we have a whole two minutes of uninterrupted footage depicting a typical round in the arena shooter.

As you can see, it all moves very fast, something that should come as no surprise coming from the studio behind the recent Doom reboot.

Where Doom seemed like a mix of old and new, Quake Champions looks a little more conventionally oldschool with plenty of manic bunny-hopping and rocket-jumping like it's 1999.

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Quake Champions debuts gameplay footage

Quake Champions debuts gameplay footage

Rocket-jumping for joy.

id Software has revealed the first gameplay footage of Quake Champions.

Announced back in June at E3, Quake Champions is an oldschool PC-exclusive arena first-person shooter. As you can see in its gameplay debut trailer, it takes after the new Doom in its lightning fast sense of speed with comically quick character movement.

It also brings back rocket-jumping, a staple of the series in which players shoot the ground and use the propulsion of the explosion to boost them afar.

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id Software announces Quake Champions for PC

id Software has announced a new Quake game for PC called Quake Champions.

It was described as an arena shooter by id Software's Tim Willits, and it will be fast - running at 120hz with unlocked frame-rates! But it will also have unique characters with different abilities and attributes - a bit like Overwatch perhaps? We got a look at what must have been some of these heroes in a teaser trailer for the game. One guy had a rotating saw for a hand; another character had a blink-like dash; and I'm sure I saw a railgun.

Tim Willits declared Bethesda's eSports intent with Quake Champions and said it would expand leagues and tournaments beyond QuakeCon - an event, incidentally, we'll have to wait for to find out more about the game.

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