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LA Noire dev in administration - report

Team Bondi nears the end.

L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi has entered administration, according to a new report.

Administrators were appointed to the Sydney, Australia, studio on Tuesday, SmartCompany reports.

SmartCompany was told Team Bondi was no longer located at its registered office.

Embattled developer Team Bondi was last month rumoured to be selling up, with all assets and IP said to be folded into KMM, the company owned by Mad Max maker George Miller. Rockstar owns the L.A. Noire IP.

Staff at Team Bondi were supposedly offered a job within KMM or a severance package. Brendan McNamara, the Team Bondi boss accused of enforcing unfair working practices, was also rumoured to be joining KMM. Is he helping make movie tie-in Happy Feet 2? McNamara was seen touring around the offices of Miller's animation studio Dr D.

Sources said Team Bondi was "doomed" by the "scandal" of L.A. Noire's development, and couldn't find another publisher partner, post-Rockstar, to work with.

Rockstar, it was said, had developed "disdain" for Team Bondi during its lengthy relationship as L.A. Noire was made.