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L4D2 pre-orders twice that of original

Some fans evidently not cheesed off.

Valve has told Eurogamer that pre-orders for Left 4 Dead 2 are twice what they were at this stage last time, despite the internet backlash and boycott threats.

"Our pre-orders are currently double what they were for Left 4 Dead 1 at this point in time away from launch," said Valve marketeer Doug Lombardi. "We're like 20 weeks out or something like that."

"We're seeing great enthusiasm from retailers," he added, "from EA, [and] the press called it multiplayer game of E3."

The furore surrounding Left 4 Dead 2 was based on allegations that Valve had forgotten its promise to create extra content for Left 4 Dead 1. Fans feared that the developer had decided to bunch those ideas together to make a quick sequel instead.

"I think there was a little bit of confusion that we created unintentionally, by announcing a sequel and not having the complete story ready: announcing it and not saying, there's still a lot of stuff being worked on for Left 4 Dead 1, and the mod tools will work with both games," explained Lombardi in our recent interview.

"I think that, over time, folks will see what we're up to, and there's more of this story to be told in terms of what's to come for both games."

Left 4 Dead 2 arrives on 17th November for PC and Xbox 360.