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Korean teenager answers her pro Overwatch doubters with live demonstration of skill

Accusers quit in shame.

When you come out of nowhere and dominate in the Korean pro Overwatch scene, defeating the other top teams to qualify for the Nexus Cup, people are going to ask questions. Are you hacking? You must be!

These accusations were levelled against a teenage girl, 17-years-old, known as Gegury, who's currently ranked eighth in the world with Overwatch tank Zarya. She was reported to Blizzard Korea and was also targeted by two Korean Overwatch pros, who, so sure of her hacking, said they would quit the game if she was found to be legit.

But Gegury was cleared by Blizzard. And then she went to a studio at Korean games broadcaster/reporter Inven to stream herself playing Overwatch live to clear her name further. The videoed proof of her Overwatch talent is below. She wears a mask to obscure her identity and is emotional at the end because of the stress the accusations caused. (The Twitch video is a bit better quality.)

Watch on YouTube

This report comes from Reddit and user Calycae, who said they worked for Inven for a spell, and who posts regularly about the pro League of Legends Korean scene. They seem to be well informed.

What happened to the two accusing pros? They quit! "Yep," wrote Calycae, "ELTA and Strobe from Dizziness quit."

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