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Kong: Skull Island director shares concept art for MIA Metal Gear Solid movie

And David Hayter returns as Snake for lockdown-era codec.

What would a Metal Gear Solid movie look like if worked on by the visual artists at ILM? As the years pass and the reality of a Metal Gear film feels less and less likely, we have at least got a glimpse at what could have been.

Step up Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island and self-professed Metal Gear Solid fan, who has been linked to the missing in action Metal Gear Solid movie for more than six years.

Over the past week, Vogt-Roberts has been sharing work from visual effects studio ILM concepting ideas for his Metal Gear Solid movie plans. Oh, and he kicked the whole thing off with a new codec video featuring Mr. Snake himself, David Hayter.

So what's taking so long? Martin chatted with Vogt-Roberts back in 2017 on the current outlook for the long-awaited Metal Gear movie (relationship status: it's complicated) and the many hurdles to actually getting the thing made (something only made harder by creator Hideo Kojima's high-profile departure from Konami).

"Technically it's Konami's property," Vogt-Roberts told Eurogamer at the time. "I will always be making this movie to interpret and service the world that Kojima made. That's why all of us care about the words Metal Gear Solid. Regardless of their split - Kojima and I have become friends and colleagues, and it's important to me to shepherd something that he'd be proud of.

"Konami's made incredible games, but Metal Gear - they supported him in making these games early on, but it's Kojima's voice and the voice of his colleagues and artists and designers, and I'll always be trying to service that."

A Metal Gear Solid movie was first announced 14 years ago, back in May 2006. Six years later, it was still stuck in development hell.

The project returned to the headlines in 2014 when Vogt-Roberts stepped aboard as director - although he helmed Kong: Skull Island first.

It's not the first time Hayter has reprised his role to update fans on the film, either. Two years ago, Hayter growled into the mic for another codec video which told fans the news that... there was still no news to share. Vogt-Roberts shared artwork inspired by Metal Gear Solid then, too.