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Konami dramatically cuts financial forecast

No sign of Silent Hill yet.

Silent Hill publisher Konami has today slashed its financial forecast for the 12-month period ending this March 31st, with expected profits almost halved.

Konami had hoped to make a 76.5bn yen (£480m) operating profit for the year, but now expects to arrive at 42.4bn yen (£270m). Konami's revenue forecast is also down for the year, though not by as much - from 320bn yen to 303bn yen.

The publisher is tight-lipped as to the exact reasons why it has so dramatically changed its finanical outlook, and simply stated it related to "the profit plan for some titles in the digital entertainment business".

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Which titles? Well, it certainly feels like eFootball 2023, which launched in August, failed to make much of an impression. The rebranded PES seems to have only seeded more ground to EA's rival FIFA, which by comparison looks on track to have its best year ever.

There's also still no word on when we'll see the first of Konami's many new Silent Hill projects release. The publisher has three major titles on the horizon - all of which are undated.

Konami's long-lost survival horror franchise is set to return with a Silent Hill 2 remake, the all-new Silent Hill f, as well Silent Hill Townfall from Scottish-based Observation developer No Code. There's also plans for a fresh Silent Hill film.

"Consolidated earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023 was revised, mainly due to factors including revision of the profit plan for some titles in the Digital Entertainment business," Konami wrote.

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