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eFootball tops 600m downloads worldwide

Log in now to add Neymar Jr to your dream team.

eFootball 600 million downloads celebration
Image credit: Konami

Konami wants you to know that its reimagined PES football game, eFootball 2023, has now surpassed 600 million downloads globally across both PC, mobile, and console.

The free-to-play football game is celebrating the milestone by offering a "commemorative campaign", as well as giving away Neymar Jr and some in-game currency to anyone who logs in between now and 30th March.

Cover image for YouTube videoeFootball™ 2023 Show Time Trailer
eFootball™ 2023 Show Time Trailer.

Log in every day, however, and you can receive up to 10 coins a day, up to a total of 280 eFootball coins. Score a goal with Neymar Jr in the next fortnight – from now until 16th March – and you'll get more coins, Game Points, and XP, and the same applies if you score with Lionel Messi between 16th and 30th March.

There's also a new card type, too. Show Time offers different skills such as Phenomenal Finishing, Fortress, Momentum Dribbling, and Game-Changing Pass and "top players who reflect these skills in real-life football will be available under these themes for users to add to their Dream Teams".

eFootball's first season was disastrous and received an Avoid in our review. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, the game is still unable to compete with the recent success of FIFA 2023, which had the series' largest-ever number of players at launch.