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Knights and Bikes is getting an animated TV series

Sir Prise!

Heartfelt adventure Knights and Bikes is being turned into a telly series.

An animated show has been announced by Tiger Aspect Productions, based off of the Knights and Bikes game and spin-off book series. (Yes, it's already a book series!)

If you've not played the game, which launched last month for PC and PlayStation 4, it's an arty mix of The Goonies and some light role-playing from the brains behind Tearaway. It's a clear fit for a cartoon:

Cover image for YouTube videoDouble Fine Presents // Knights and Bikes - Launch Trailer “I Wanna Ride My Bike!”

"Light on action but humorous and made with love, Knights and Bikes holds something for adults and kids alike," Malindy wrote in Eurogamer's Knights and Bikes review.