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"Keep the faith" for Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft discusses sequel status.

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Things have been worryingly quiet on the Beyond Good & Evil 2 front since it was first revealed back in 2008. Is the sequel to Ubisoft's beloved but under-performing 2003 adventure classic still alive? Or has the publisher got cold feet and canned it?

"Keep the faith," was all Wang Xu, producer of the impending Beyond Good & Evil HD, had to say on the issue during an email chat with Eurogamer.

When asked whether the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network re-release was being used as a test balloon to gauge consumer interest in the franchise, Xu was similarly coy.

"Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games :)" he wrote, before adding, "For real... I don't know."

Following a brief teaser trailer unveiled in May 2008, Ubisoft has released no further formal information about the proposed sequel.

Last Summer, Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot insisted that the game was still in the oven and urged fans to have patience.

"What is very import with this next product is that it will be perfect. [Michel Ancel's] intention is to come [out] with something really exciting," he explained.

Beyond Good & Evil HD, meanwhile, launches on Xbox Live Arcade on 2nd March, with a PlayStation Network release to follow later in the year. Look out for more from Xu on that later this week.

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