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Juiced sequel this year

Next-gen tuning action.

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THQ has yet to announce it publicly, but reports in Swedish magazine Game Reactor suggest that a sequel to racing title Juiced is in development.

Called Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, the game is reportedly due out this September on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP and PC, with the title a reference to the international car show of the same name.

Although details have yet to be officially confirmed, Internet reports suggest we'll see 93 licensed cars, 10,000 licensed components and real cities including Sydney, Rome, London, Paris and San Francisco. Drag racing and showdown modes have been ditched, with drift races apparently introduced in their stead.

The original Juiced, as you may recall, also boasted an interesting online racing system that allowed players to bet their cars against one another in duels, form car clubs and the like. We'd certainly expect elements of that to endure given how far Xbox Live, in particular, has come along since the original game's release.

We tried to get hold of THQ to find out more, but they were all hiding.

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