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Jones: APB "has to ship on a DVD"

Not comfortable ditching retail yet.

Realtime Worlds boss Dave Jones has said that he needs Electronic Arts' publishing might because he's "not really comfortable" doing away with retail on a 6GB game.

"At the end of the day, we still have effectively a big client to distribute. It's still a traditional game in that this is a five or six gig game. It has to ship on a DVD," Jones told vg247 at Develop.

"Are we at the point yet where we feel comfortable that people want to bypass retail completely and download five or six gigs? No, we're not really comfortable with that.

"If that points comes in the future, which everyone's talking about, I think we'll be reactive to that. We won't try to be proactive in trying to make that happen."

Jones' keynote at Develop yesterday focused on taking your game completely online, much as he has with APB, obviously. You can see how the speech went in the transcript of our live coverage.