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John Cleese to play butler in Fable III

He'll pick out your character's clothes.

Peter Molyneux has revealed that comedy legend John Cleese is providing a voiceover for Fable III.

The announcement was made during Molyneux's speech at the Game Developers Conference. He showed the audience how the pause menu from previous Fable games is being replaced with a set of rooms your character can wander around, accessed at any time by pressing the start button.

These include a dressing room where you can see clothes displayed on mannequins, rather than presented in a list you have to scroll through. In the room is a butler, who Molyneux described as being like a cross between P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Albert from Batman.

"We were inspired by the idea that people kept saying we were making this game with Monty Pythonesque humour, so we got John Cleese as your butler," Molyneux said. Apparently the butler will lay out your clothes, picking a suitable outfit depending on where you are in the game's story - so fancy robes if you've made it to the role of king, for example.

"We have recorded a vast amount of AI dialogue and having John Cleese big you up in a slightly sarcastic way is absolutely wonderful," added Molyneux. "He is an absolutely fantastic character."

Fable III is coming this "holiday". Look out for a proper chat with Molyneux on Eurogamer very soon.