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Jelly Deals: Solid Snake statue from First4Figures pre-orders live

Premium products with pricey pre-orders.

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There are probably some of you out there already familiar with First4Figures and the company's particular brand of premium (and extremely limited) video game themed collectables. For the uninitiated, this will be a hell of an introduction. First4Figures has made a business out of creating one-off statues, sculpted to depict various classic video game characters or items.

Previously, I've written about the site's range of Dark Souls replica rings, made with real silver, which are still available for around $150. Today, however, there's some even bigger news. Mere minutes ago, First4Figures set pre-orders live on a set of limited edition statues modelled after Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

There are four different variations of Snake up for grabs, all of which show the world's greatest solider in action complete with his trademark SOCOM pistol. You can opt for the regular version, the 'exclusive version' which adds a set of night-vision goggles to the bundle, or one of two stealth camo variations (in clear or neon green).

While these statues are beautifully crafted and a true collector's item for those with the means, this is likely only for the die-hards, given that the base-level statues will run you a cool $524.99. The statues won't ship for a matter of months, though you'll still need to pony-up a 10% deposit if you want to secure one of these extremely limited pieces.

If you happen to have a large savings account, money to burn or just an unquenchable thirst for every bit of unique Metal Gear Solid merch you can get your hands on, pre-orders are open now and will close this Friday, 15th September. These things, believe it or not, do tend to sell out rather quickly, so keep that in mind when considering your life choices here.

Limited Edition Solid Snake collector's statue from First4Figures - Pre-orders live until September 15th

In case you were wondering, yes, the site does ship anywhere in the world.

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